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Setting up Service
by Hope S. Dugger

 _If this is your first time using propane, we are excited about introducing you to one of the cleanest and versatile fuels on the planet. Propane can give you faster, cleaner heat than electricity, and truly help your house seem more like a home.

If you've had or have propane service with another propane marketer, we think you will be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility and dependability that our customers have come to know and trust for all their propane needs.

_To begin propane service with Southwestern VA Gas Service Corp. call or visit our office, and a sales representative will discuss with you the best way for us to serve your gas needs and to set a date for gas service to be established. At this time you may also receive some company information and a credit application to be filled out at your leisure. Our goal is to help you start reaping the benefits of our service as quickly as possible, so unlike other gas companies, we do not require a credit application to initiate service.

_Until your credit application is approved you will be a payment on delivery customer. This means someone will have to be at home to pay at the time of delivery, or pay ahead before the monthly delivery is made. Once the credit application is approved you will be delivered gas on our automatic fill schedule and a copy of the gas ticket will be left at the time of delivery. The yellow gas ticket is your bill.

_A number of our customers choose to remain as payment on delivery. We are pleased to offer this flexibility, but please be aware that it sometimes prevents us from providing you with the best service. A clever trick that I have seen some of our payment on delivery customers do, is to stay paid ahead one fill up, which allows us to give you the same security of service that our credit customers enjoy.

_Unless you take part in one of our fixed price payment plans, you will be charged the market price per gallon at the time of delivery. The majority of our customers' gas usage can be described using one of the four categories listed below and the price per gallon they pay for service is adjusted accordingly:

Light Usage
Supplemental Heat
Moderate Usage
Home Heat
Regular Usage
Commercial /Agricultural
Heavy Usage

There is no magic secret to propane pricing, it is simple economics. The more propane we are able to sell to a customer, the better price we are able to offer. So if you think you may be in a light or moderate bracket and are considering adding an appliance, give us a call, we may be able to lower your price per gallon.
_When discussing price it is important to stress that gas service is much more than just price per gallon. You are placing you and your family's quality of life and safety in the hands of your propane supplier. Obviously, your well-being deserves a premium, so don't cheat yourself by pinching pennies when it comes to propane service. HD

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