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Vail 20 # 124
This Product is VENT-FREE
Manufacturer: Empire
The Vail 20 vent-free fireplace is zero clearance certified and offers 99.9% fuel-efficiency. This vent-free fireplace draws in room air, then heats and recirculates the air for maximum comfort. An oxygen depletion sensor and automatic shut-off control ensure safety.

The modulating hydraulic thermostat model ships as a 20,000 Btu fireplace that's large enough for any great room. It can be converted into a 10,000 Btu fireplace suitable for use in a bedroom (where allowed by code.)

The 20,000-Btu millivolt model offers a variety of control accessories.

The Vail 20 features our exclusive Slope Glaze Burner System with the charred oak log set. You get tall dancing flames and glowing embers. The Vail 20 can be ordered for use with either natural gas or propane.

The Vail 20 comes standard with flat black louvers and a polished brass frame.

Additional accessories:

Single speed automatic blower

Ceramic brick liners

Five control accessories for the millivolt model

Full and Corner cabinet mantels with bases in five finishes

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