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Taos Series # 126
This Product is VENT-FREE
Manufacturer: Empire
No matter what your space limitations, the Taos Series of vent-free gas fireplaces bring ambiance and warmth to any room. The fireplace is rated 99.9% fuel-efficient and requires no electricity or venting. An oxygen depletion sensor and automatic shut-off controls ensure safety.

The thermostatically controlled Taos Mini generates up to 30,000 Btus of comforting heat. Black stamped louvers, a polished brass decorative strip and a realistic logs offer the look of a fireplace without a chimney or vent.

The Taos Maxi, also 30,000 Btus, gives a fuller log set with polished brass louvers for added appeal.

Both fireplaces can be wall mounted or used with the optional floor stand.

An optional single speed automatic blower is also available.
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