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Pig Cooker and Grill # 133
Manufacturer: Heatmaster
Pig Cooker and Grill Standard Features:

Heavy 14 Gauge steel construction.

Dual independently operated burners with splash quards to prevent flare-ups and provide equal heat.

Seperate controls to each burner.

Easy start piezo ignition.
Safety control valves that automatically shut off the gas to either burner in the event of a flame out

Easy open lid using shock arms instead of springs or counter weights.

Temperature Guage.

Oak wood front shelf with drawer for storage.

Painted wit high temperature industrial paint.

Comes equipped with low pressure regulator and hose.

12" Tires and low profile cooking surface makes for convenient cooking and serving from the grill.

Grill leveling jack.

Cooler storage rack, wheel lock, flage pole.

Capable of cooking 135lb pig!!!

Standard colors black and red; other colors available upon request.

Double gas tank holders.

Optional Features:

Larger size 38" X 60" available upon request (2,280 sq. in. cooking surface).

Deep Fryer.
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