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Evening Embers (triple burner) (C5) # 68
This Product is VENT-FREE
Manufacturer: Rasmussen
Triple burner design with realistic glowing ember appearance.

Three control designs available:
Manual, Switch/Remote Ready, and Variable Flame
Wireless Remote Control

Manual Control has three settings:
LOW (9,500 BTU/hour);
MED (16,000 BTU/hour);
HIGH (33,000 (C5A models) or 40,000 (C5B models) BTU/hour).

Switch/Remote Ready Control can be set at the maximum BTU 33,000 (C5A models) or 40,000 (C5B models) BTU/hour) or turned down with manual valve
to 16,000 BTU/hour (or any point in between).

Exquisitely detailed, realistic logs with "char chamber"

18", 24" and 30" log sizes available that fit onto one size of burner/grate assembly.
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