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Vail 32 / 36 Vent-Free Fireplaces # 88
This Product is VENT-FREE
Manufacturer: Empire
Vail 32 generates 30,000 Btu.
Vail 36 generates 36,000 Btu.

The Vail 32 & 36 Series of vent-free fireplaces are zero clearance certified and offer 99.9% fuel-efficiency. These vent-free fireplaces draw in room air, then heat and recirculate the air for maximum comfort. An oxygen depletion sensor and automatic shut-off control ensure safety.

Both models are available as modulating hydraulic thermostat or millivolt models that are remote ready. They are also available with a single-speed or variable-speed automatic blower.

The Vail 32 & 36 feature our exclusive Slope Glaze Burner System with the charred oak log set to give you tall dancing flames and a bed of glowing embers. Both can be ordered for use with either natural gas or propane.

Both models come standard with flat black louvers, frame, and hood.

Additional Accessories:
(Accessories vary depending on size of fireplace)

Ceramic Brick Liners

Single & Variable Speed Blowers

Embers Kit

Louvers, frames and hoods in polished brass, high-gloss black, and brushed stainless steel

Control accessories for the millivolt models

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