Your new addition is leaving you cold
 Remember how exciting it was when your summer project was finally completed? You finally turned that carport or unfinished basement into the den or family room you always wanted. From the lighting to the flooring, you covered every detail. Then winter came, and suddenly you can't recall ever discussing how this new room would be heated.

     Now you're searching for the best way to warm up the new favorite room of the house. The easiest, most costly, and ineffective means to provide the heat you need may be some sort of electric space heater. Unfortunately, your electric bill is high enough as it is, because your electric heat pump never shuts off since the weather has turned cold. Or maybe you have a gas furnace and don't want to ruin your currently low electric bill by using an electric space heater.

     Then there's the messy, stinky, and inconvenient method of using a kerosene heater. If you've ever had to use one you'd probably agree they are better suited for any place other than where you call home. You may be able to use wood heat, but your insurance agent would not like the sound of that, and besides being detrimental to our environment there's plenty of heat in wood just getting it ready to use. Spend fifteen minutes chopping wood and you won't be cold anyway!

     Finally, there is the fuel of choice. Gas. Natural or propane, both are dependable, clean, and very fast at giving you the heat you need to start enjoying your home again. With the flick of the wrist or push of a remote control, your family will be able to re-inhabit the once lost territory.

-----Gas space heaters come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, with many exciting features. Wall mounted or on a floor stand, gas heaters take up little space and put out big heat. A freestanding vent-free fireplace with logs can be placed against a wall or in a corner, and really give the room a decorative boost. After your new addition takes on the cozy feel of a gas heater, you may find you forget all about your darn electric heat pump that never shuts off.